How We Work

What We Do

KiWi is a Smart Internet of Energy (IoE) Blockchain company that connects millions of future energy prosumer with premium smart microgrid projects around the world. Through our innovative shared solar platform, our contributors can directly invest in smart microgrid projects which are empowered by the most advanced smart inverter technologies that will make a big impact to future smart grid networks and our environment!

Smart Grid Development

We will develop smart microgrid projects in world's most promising solar markets and either wholesale the green power to local utilities or retail to end customers directly via 20 years long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Smart Inverter Development

Our game changer blockchain-based smart inverter technology will be the core of future smart grid network. Via smart contract, our smart inverters will autonomously record, pre-certify, and trade every kWh of solar power generated!

Shared Solar Platform

Blockchain based Smart Internet of Energy (IoE) gateway will connect millions of energy consumer with premium smart microgrid networks around the world, we make energy sharing economic possible!

Problems vs Solutions

The centralized power grid technology designed since late 19th century, mainly powered by dirty energy resources cannot solve today’s global warming and pollution problems. The current grid system is facing a multitude of challenges that can be outlined in four categories. KiWi can keep all the hassle away from people by developing smart microgrid projects which offer great benefits that traditional grid can't match. Smart microgrid projects will redefine our energy landscape in the future.



Outdated & Costly

19th century technology, billions of $ to build a power plant.

Innovative & Cheap

Advanced smart grid technologies, cost competitive.



Low Efficiency

Centralized network, 5% energy loss in transmission & distribution.

High Efficiency

Our distributed system will be optimized on local level and achieve zero energy loss.



Grid Imbalances

Once energy demand surges, blackouts occur as the grid cannot react timely.

Stable & Safe Grid

Decentralized energy networks ensure no single point of failure.




Closed-loop, energy sources & price controlled by utility companies.

Empower Everyone

Open shared solar platform for many, freedom of choices.

Why KiWi?

Our Smart Grid Projects

We have successfully developed over 300MW solar power smart grid projects across Asia. Also, we offer one-stop service including system design, financing, permitting, installation, 24/7 monitoring, and O&M service.

Ilan Su'ao

Roof mount

  • Capacity : 1996.40kW
  • Covers : 19,964m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/30


Roof mount

  • Capacity : 907.88kW
  • Covers : 9,079m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/30


Ground mount

  • Capacity : 374.40kW
  • Covers : 4,614m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/30


Roof mount

  • Capacity : 479.05kW
  • Covers : 4,791m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/30


Roof mount

  • Capacity : 495.14kW
  • Covers : 4,951m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/30


Roof mount

  • Capacity : 99.12kW
  • Covers : 991m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/27


Ground mount

  • Capacity : 454.30kW
  • Covers : 2,694m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/27


Ground mount

  • Capacity : 440.44kW
  • Covers : 4,593m²
  • Date of grid connection : 2016/12/24


Inverter plays a key role in the whole smart grid system infrastructure; it works like the CPU of a computer. To optimize solar power generation, smart inverters are required for the future smart grid and smart energy households. It is purely a semiconductor-based design topology that integrates the latest blockchain-based smart contract to record every kWh of solar energy produced by our smart inverter. Our smart inverters come with great benefits which the traditional grid systems cannot compete.

Smart Inverter Technology

Improves up to 25% of overall PV system performance and integrates smart inverter with blockchain-based smart contract to autonomously record every kWh produced.

Design for the
Highest Reliability

Our smart inverters are built for the extremes to make ready for any climates. Being tested to the limit for one million hours, our smart inverters can achieve over 25 years of reliability!

Smart Energy Gateway

Our blockchain-based smart internet of energy (IoE) gateway can communicate bi-directionally between solar energy producers and consumers for future P2P energy trading marketplace.
Smart Grid Systems Current Grid Systems
Energy Sources Solar, Wind, Biomass Coal, Nature Gas, Nuclear
Project Lead Time 3~6 months ~5 years
Blockchain Based
Smart contract to record every kWh of solar energy produced
Topology Distributed Centralized
Development Cost Cost competitive from $2,000/kW Cost $ billions to build
Communication Two-way One-way
Reactive Power Control
Auto Recovery
Smart Monitoring
Smart Internet of Energy (IoE) Gateway
Connect solar energy producer and consumer for future P2P energy marketplace
Energy Yield +25% improvement Low
Design & Installation Simple, Plug & Play Complicated
Reliability Adaptive and islanded Failures and power outages
Safety level High (<50v Low Voltage) Low (1,000v High Voltage)
Operation & Maintenance Remote monitoring, Predictive, cloud base maintenance Manual equipment check, time base maintenance

Our Smart Inverter Technology has already empowered over 100,000 Smart Energy Systems across 30 Countries


Q1 / 2018

KIWI Token Sale

  • Pre-sale Sale, Jan 2018
  • Public Sale, Mar 2018
Q2 / 2018

Build Great Infrastructure

  • Set up local solar project management and O&M team.
  • Implement a complete solar project Audit/DD, O&M quliation std process.
  • Complete GEN3 certification & fully compliance with local grid std.
Q3 / 2018

Develop Core Competence

  • Secure & process 10MW solar power plant pipelines in TW.
  • Blockchain based Smart Inverter & Gateway SW and FW development and validation.
  • Launch GEN3 Smart Inverter to TW, AU, US.
Q4 / 2018

Market Expansion Phase I

  • Secure & process 20MW solar power plant pipelines in TW and JPN.
  • Launch GEN3 Smart Inverter to EU, JPN and other channels.
Q1 / 2019


  • Set up KiWi China, KiWi JPN, KiWi SGP.
  • Distribute GEN3 Smart Inverter to other channels/applications: PPA companies, large SI, solar module makers, home improvement stores.
Q2 / 2019

Market Expansion Phase II

  • Expand solar project investment deals to 100MW in China, India and Southeast Asia.
  • Launch Blockchain based Shared Solar Platform.
  • Deploy Mobile Solar Powered Mining Unit to existing solar power plants.
2H / 2019

Market Dominance & Leadership

  • Complete blockchain based smart energy solution (inverter, gateway, software, application).
  • A truly shared solar platform that connects energy producers and consumers around the world!
  • New solar powered mining business model deployments.

Our A+ Team

With 25+ years of fully integrated solar system design & core smart inverter technology development expertise, allied with our EPC partners, our solar projects will be fully optimized and well managed by the localized O&M service team. Further to assess and locate the best solar projects for our token holders and maximize your return on investment!