About KiWi

KiWi is a blockchain based online green investment & financing platform that connects global investors with solar project developers around the world, now you can finally get exposure to a diversified portfolio of green investments with just a single click!

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How KiWi Works

KiWi is transforming the green investment & financing system to make it more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly.


Thanks to our blockchain based smart energy solution, KiWi brings you more than solar. We bring you a well connected smart microgrid system. Today, that means ease, insights, and reliable solar energy. Tomorrow, it’s the AI to adapt to changing grid requirements, ready for future energy sharing marketplace.


  1. Q3 2018

    KiWi Token Sale
  2. Q4 2018

    Platform Development Phase I
  3. Q1 2019

    Platform Development Phase II
  4. Q2 2019

    Official Launch of KiWi Platform
  5. Q3 2019

    Market Expansion Phase I
  6. Q4 2019

    Market Expansion Phase II
  7. 2020

    Market Dominance & Leadership

Our A+ Team

With 25+ years of fully integrated solar system design & core smart inverter technology development expertise, allied with our EPC partners, our solar projects will be fully optimized and well managed by the localized O&M service team. Further to assess and locate the best solar projects for our token holders and maximize your return on investment!