How the Smart Microgrid System works

Blockchain Based Smart Inverter

The solar panels absorb sunshine in the form of direct current (DC) power. A smart inverter converts that DC power to alternating current (AC), the form of electricity your home can use. Every kWh of solar energy produced by smart inverter will be recorded by blockchain based smart contract autonomously and send data to smart energy gateway.

Blockchain Based Smart Energy Gateway

The Smart Internet of Energy (IoE) Gateway is the central brain of solar system, collecting smart contract based energy data from smart inverters and delivering it to the monitoring software. It can communicate bi-directionally in between local grid operator and smart meters, and further helping the installer identify any issue remotely and continuously upgrading software to smart inverters.

Smart Energy Exchange OS

The Smart Energy OS is your eyes into your home energy, it turns Smart Energy Gateway's data into our own design best user experience interface that lets you track your system's production and energy usage at the real time, we will further development our P2P energy exchange OS and APP that allow our contributors to trade their energy tokens freely in the marketplace!

What's Next

Our unique and proprietary next generation Blockchain Based Smart Inverter with US 9525364 B2 and US 20150109833 A1 patented will comprise of a two stage Inverter plus additional capability to alter the output VAR (Reactive Power Control) component of power and fully compliance with future smart grid standard. There are no current solar inverter solutions to this and requires an additional VAR control box external to the system to meet the requirements in EU (current) and future on North America (by 2H/2018).

DC/DC Resonant Converter

Film Cap Storage

Based around thin film capacitor bulk storage and a balanced output current source, it delvers low THD and is VAR capable to ± 0.85 meeting emerging US and EU standards.

AC Output with VAR control

The single SKU product be be field programmed allowing regional and local settings to be adjusted, such as voltage/frequency/ride-through/timing VAR support.

Blockchain Based LoRa Communication

Designed to meeting the latest worldwide grid tied standard, the product is fully programmable through our long range LoRa gateway IoT products and can receive/send blockchain based smart contract to local smart meter for two way communication.

ASIC Control 96.5% Eff.

Utilizing our patented technology, a single chip ASIC based solution with cost/performance as key driver, this simple design architecture supports <$0.20/Wp, with less than 200 parts count, the technology can deliver up to 96.5% of CEC efficiency!

Comparing Solar Inverters

Design for the Highest Reliability

Inverter failure accounts for almost 50% of recorded incidents and almost 50% of the total estimated energy impact at solar power plants. That's why inverter is the most critical component of a PV system and poses the greatest risk to system reliability. As solar power plant is a long term investment, we design our smart inverter based on maximizing production, improved performance and longer lifespan of components which can cause a significant impact on O&M costs such as labor hours and repair expenses.

Built for the Extremes

Our smart inverters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to blistering desert heat.

Ready for Any Climate

Heat, high humidity, water, salty air--what's paradise to humans it brutal on technology. Our smart inverters are built to thrive the toughest of climates, from tropics to tundra and everywhere in between.

Test to the Limit

Our smart inverters are tested over one million hours and can reach over 25 years of reliability! Each Smart Inverter component represents tens of thousands of hours of thought, research, testing, and perfecting, aimed at making each piece as rugged, efficient, and long-lasting as possible.

Tomorrow's Solar Technology for Today

The electrical grid as we know it is changing, as utilities get ready to power the world of tomorrow. With some solar technologies, that's cause for concern. But our smart inverters are already equipped to handle tomorrow's smart grid, and remote update capabilities mean they're ready for whatever the future brings.

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